Stanford University

Standford University GPD Conference Presentation At Stanford, we’re building a new breed of electronically controlled dynamic glass to switch faster, last longer, and look better than existing electrochromic technologies.   Stanford University

Brite Solar Glass

Brite Solar GPD Conference Presentation Brite Solar was founded in 2009 to develop a third generation dye sensitized solar cell for greenhouse applications. We develop 3rd generation technology for solar panels based on new composite organic / inorganic lightweight nanostructured cells. Our core business is the development of an innovative, process technology and production of… Read more »


Primoceler GPD Conference Presentation Primoceler from Tampere makes glass and silicon embedded substrates, circuits and are pioneers in laser glass bonding. Home

Lightglass Technology Gmbh

The Vienna-based company Lightglass Technology Gmbh develops and licenses self-luminous glass in daylight quality as well as glass with integrated technical modules for the international industry.


Flexbright is a Finnish startup who concentrates on making LEDFOIL-laminates for automotive glass.

WISP Layer

“Alexa, please dim the sun” (overheard in Wisp’s Bay Area office). Wisp is a stealth-mode company based in Oakland and Moscow, working with early adopters in 2017 on ~20 beta projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. We make a barely discernible interactive layer for windows, a Wisp.