AutoMopus® brings Smart Traffic to every phone https://eximap.com/en/

Roima Intelligence Inc.

Roima Intelligence is a strongly growing Profitability Partner to the leading technology and food & beverage companies, but also a vantage point to the whole industry. Our solutions help our customers achieve a more cost efficient production and supply chain, maintain and increase the quality and innovativeness of their products and thus generate more added value to… Read more »


AJR Solutions is specialized in the most advanced cloud and IoT solutions. As a trusted expert, we’re helping you get the most of the cloud by offering customized end-to-end solutions. Our services include comprehensive IT solutions, software development, web and mobile development, software licenses, cloud and IoT trainings and consulting, and migration services. Our passion… Read more »

Cybercom ” Makers of Tomorrow”

Cybercom is an innovative IT consulting company enabling companies and organisations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world and to enhance their competitiveness. http://www.cybercom.com/

Group Lumoin

Lumoin Community removes construction yard communication and coordination problems – starting from payments processes. But we are on a longer journey to build trust and relationships together with the whole value-chain: customers, the neighborhoods, real estate agencies, manufacturers and financial institutions. We use blockchains, artificial intelligence, modern cryptography and the emerging financial possibilities and environmental… Read more »


simplify daily work simple & effective solutions for internal communication, task management, customer service and employee advocacy. eee.do


http://www.steamlane.com/ Posts  

Vaisto Solutions

We are forerunners in the world of Deep Tech. We fuse technology and minds to help our customer develop winning products and experiences. We are a services-minded company with a generous dash of solutions. Our tools of trade leverage cognitive systems and augmented intelligence. vaisto.io  


SANXO is a growing technological company providing wide variety of Software and Hardware solutions in the field of machine vision and automation. The company was established in Finland in 2002. In 2007 the daughter company SANXO-Systems Ltd. was established in Budapest, Hungary. In 2012 the second office was opened in Hungary. We support our clients with… Read more »


Bring your WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT PROCESS to the future http://www.havamax.com/


Unleash your full potential Smart analytics and software for better business We create value from data Backed by the leading analytics platforms and the best optimization algorithms, we build software and services that enable businesses to create value from data.  


Signal processing and sensor technologies are Meluta core competence. Our special areas of expertise are acoustic and vibroacoustic (structure-borne) measurements. Designing, planning and implementation of embedded electronics, radio technology, digital electronics and energy efficient systems are also our daily business. Our core values are customer satisfaction and adding value to our customers. Meluta strictly follows… Read more »

Electron Molecules and Atoms Consulting

Electron GPD Conference Presentation We help R&D leaders accelerate research and business development in Semiconductors, Advanced Materials, Glass Coatings, and Chemical related companies. Our team with diverse expertise supports all aspects of R&D for short and long term projects. We help make strategic decisions faster, with confidence, and with reduced risk before companies invest resources… Read more »


Glassify GPD Conference Presentation Glassify is a web-based search and comparison tool for architectural glass. It intends to bring architects and the glass industry together to exchange mutually beneficial information through a single, global, bi-faceted platform. http://www.glassify.org  

Delta Cygni Labs

Delta Cygni Labs GPD Conference Presentation Delta Cygni Labs develops POINTR Easy Remote Support – Augmented Reality based remote collaboration solution for industry and professionals. It gives your customer service and field support teams unbeatable response time. POINTR enables productivity improvements in all technical troubleshooting. https://www.deltacygnilabs.com/

Rakka Creative

Rakka Creative oy is the leading Cinematic Virtual Reality production company in Finland. Rakka produces marketing and training solutions in Virtual Reality. We provide full service from production to apps and devices. Our productions are highly acclaimed by our customers. http://www.rakkacreative.fi  

MIMSI Materials AB

MIMSI Materials AB is a LEAD incubator company based in Sweden that has developed a completely new way to grow ultrathin silver films crucial for raising the performance of low-e coatings that are exploited in the glazing industry. This new material is synthesized using a proprietary method based on Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) that can… Read more »

StealthCase Oy

StealthCase GPD Conference Presentation Modern society is critically dependent on ever growing wireless connectivity. Wireless connection is frequently the only outbound connection for households. In parallel energy saving regulations are tightening and modern construction supplies such as aluminium coated insulators and low-E windows attenuate mobile signals like never before. This causes low data rates and… Read more »


Glowway GPD Conference Presentation Glowway is a manufacturer of photoluminescent pathway markings and signs. Patented Glowway tiles improve navigation in emergency situations as well as everyday conditions. We combine safety and design without forgetting accessibility and the environment. Our products are also great for decorative purposes. http://www.glowway.com/

Inform Design

Inform Design AB is a consulting practice initiated in 2017. Our field of work is in Facades, Building Physics and Indoor Climate with an emphasis on highly glazed  constructions. Our goal is to add value in projects by suggesting facade options that serve design and ensure enhanced envelope and building performance. Although our services focus… Read more »


vacustruct® is a low vacuum insulation glass building system for greenhouses and daylight buildings. Modules (up to 6m x 3m x 0,3m) with a framework made out of ultra high performance concrete with a patented double sealing, integrated shadow and heating elements and an u-value of 0,2W/(m² x K) will meet the demands of price-sensitive… Read more »


Canatu is an innovative developer and manufacturer of 3D formable and stretchable transparent conductive films and touch sensors. Canatu’s solutions bring the design freedom and user interface to the next level for 3D shaped and curved devices. Canatu supplies the unique CNB™ films and touch sensors for touch module vendors and OEM’s in several industries,… Read more »

Polymer Extrusion Technology Inc

Polymer Extrusion GPD Conference Presentation Plastic Extrusion Technologies has the technology, and more importantly, the knowledge to help you get your extruded plastic product into your customers’ hands.   http://www.world-spacer.com/ http://www.glasslam.com/

Tea Time Research

Teatime Research Ltd is a Helsinki (Finland) based company designing virtual reality (VR) applications and services. Our main work consists of interactive software for real estate industry and architectural visualization, manufacturing industry, VR storytelling and scientific solutions.   Home

Stanford University

Standford University GPD Conference Presentation At Stanford, we’re building a new breed of electronically controlled dynamic glass to switch faster, last longer, and look better than existing electrochromic technologies.   Stanford University

Brite Solar Glass

Brite Solar GPD Conference Presentation Brite Solar was founded in 2009 to develop a third generation dye sensitized solar cell for greenhouse applications. We develop 3rd generation technology for solar panels based on new composite organic / inorganic lightweight nanostructured cells. Our core business is the development of an innovative, process technology and production of… Read more »


KicoGlass GPD Conference Presentation We help manufacturers to turn hard work into childs play with the use of computers. http://www.inmatic.com/

Heliotrope Technologies Inc

Heliotrope GPD Conference Presentation Heliotrope is a California based startup making next-generation electrochromic windows that can independently control light and heat.   http://heliotropetech.com/  

Eligo.Studio Oy

Eligo.Studio help industries with their challenges, by bringing elements from game world. We focus mainly on VR- and AR-software development, design and usability for our customer’s need http://www.eligo.studio


Quva Oy is an industrial big data analytics company. Quva’s turn key Quva® Flow proactive alarm system enables e.g. proactive quality control, real-time process optimization, and preventive maintenance in manufacturing operations. We help our customers to reduce quality claims and waste generated in production. Our public references include companies such as Outotec, SSAB, Outokumpu, ABB,… Read more »

Advenira Enterprises Inc

Advenira GPD Conference presentation Advenira Enterprises, Inc. is a California-based company located in the heart of Silicon Valley known for its novel Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology Platform and unique liquid-based Coatings. SDN® Coating Technology Platform opens disruptive Opportunities for Glass Fabricators and Processors –  creates differentiation factors, improves operating margin and delivers value-added products… Read more »


TreLab Ltd is a high-tech company, which has developed a wireless smart measurement solution (Smart Tags, Smart Data Mill). TreLab solution improves real-time operational view on critical legacy Industrial Equipment and facilities. Fast, simply, and cost-efficiently.

UnSeen Technologies

Unseen tech is a rapid prototyping company, who will make you a solution to your technology problem in one week.   http://www.unseen.fi  

John de Baere Consulting

JDB Consulting was founded in January 1st 2016, when he started his own consultancy company. His specialities lie in glass processing, industrial benchmarking, business and product development across the industrial markets. He is based in Ghent (Belgium).   Home

Drive with Belron

Drive with Belron is Belrons’ startup accelerator, designed to fast track disruptive young businesses looking for global expansion.   Home

AKKA Architects

At AKKA, we are a team of architects, engineers, designers, urbanists, strategists and thinkers, specialized in designing spaces that foster interactions. main

Blitzz Inc

Blitzz is a smart, video engagement platform for businesses to provide exceptional customer-centric support to their customers especially around physical equipment and devices where visualization is the corner stone of support. Blitzz resolves customer issues 10X faster at half the cost. http://www.blitzz.co/


Primoceler GPD Conference Presentation Primoceler from Tampere makes glass and silicon embedded substrates, circuits and are pioneers in laser glass bonding. Home


Hypermemo is a Joensuu, Finland based startup working with a new generation of CO2-pulse lasers specializing in working with glass.   http://Hypermemo.eu


Trackinno GPD Conference Presentation We at Trackinno Oy want to help you level up your business by reducing the amount of work, bureaucracy and headache related to asset management. To do that, we have developed a user-friendly equipment management cloud service, which makes managing your commonly used assets a breeze. Just tag your assets with… Read more »

Gauzy Ltd

Gauzy is an Israeli startup, who embeds technology directly into glass and other materials, making surfaces smart. Gauzy recently raised 7m€ from Startup Autobahn. http://gauzy.com    


Micron3DP -GPD Conference Presentation Micron3DP is redefining what you can do with glass. They have invented a technique for 3D-printing molten glass. http://www.micron3dp.com

Lightglass Technology Gmbh

The Vienna-based company Lightglass Technology Gmbh develops and licenses self-luminous glass in daylight quality as well as glass with integrated technical modules for the international industry. http://www.lightglass.net


Flexbright is a Finnish startup who concentrates on making LEDFOIL-laminates for automotive glass. http://www.flexbright.fi

WISP Layer

“Alexa, please dim the sun” (overheard in Wisp’s Bay Area office). Wisp is a stealth-mode company based in Oakland and Moscow, working with early adopters in 2017 on ~20 beta projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. We make a barely discernible interactive layer for windows, a Wisp.   http://www.wisplayer.com/

Next Energy Technologies Inc.

NEXT is a Santa-Barbara, CA company developing transparent energy harvesting window technology that allows architects and building owners to transform windows and glass facades into producers of low-cost, on-site, renewable energy for buildings. https://nextenergy.tech/


Visumo360 is producing 360VR virtual environments for education and marketing.


Powervision hackathon – Robotiikan innovaatiot Pauhu-tiimin jäsenet: Katri Tulokas (Klaria Group) Seppo Vuori Ella Kaugin Mikko Myllylä Tomi Keiski (Klaria Group) Hannu Simonen (puuttuu kuvasta)

Jokisen Eväät

The most growth oriented innovators in Powervision hackaton for the challenge of Robotiikan innovaatiot. Starring (in order of appearance): Riitta, Marja, Jorma, Timo and Sakari


The amazing MyPowerCompanion

PowerVision company & staff

PowerVision Group is a global technology leader focusing on UAV-related products and services including smart drones, data visualization and forecasting, virtual reality and augmented reality. Headquartered in Beijing, China, PowerVision Group has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Yangzhou, Silicon Valley, Boston, Helsinki, Frankfurt and Perth. An innovation leader, Powervision Robot has been released series… Read more »