Nitin Kumar

Unique combination of technical and business expertise in semiconductors, photovoltaics, materials, polymers, optical and functional coatings. Accelerating R&D to make research more effective, efficient, and profitable. More than 80 issued & pending patents. Technologist: – New material research in semiconductors, photovoltaics, thin films, and glass coating industries – Optical coatings, anti-scratch, anti-smudge coatings, polymer films,… Read more »

Alexey Dolbunov

Highly trained, natural problem-solver able to uncover opportunity in difficult situations. Appreciate colleagues with superior industry expertise as a great resource and driver for joint results. Industry experience: Private equity and venture capital, Petrochemical, Oil refineries, Real estate, Construction, Transportation, Advertising, Management consulting, Health care, Higher education. E-mail:

Martin Heim

Business Development with: Merck Window Technologies – switchable glass for sun protection and privacy (< 1sec) Glass2Energy – Dye solar panels for total facade encapsulation. Perfect for densed and foggy Cities. Nedex – Desiccant and selants for the IG manufacturing business. Vacuum glass research and development. Glasslam AirTight Worldspacer for best Warm Edge design.… Read more »

Gerhard Reichert

An industry expert with over 30 years of experience at the highest levels of insulating glass technology and innovation. With over 40 insulating glass patents worldwide, Mr. Reichert is considered an unmatched authority on insulating glass systems, components, procedures, and performance. He is inventor of many foam spacer and muntin patents, including the industry leading… Read more »

Eran Gal- or

CTO -Industrial Designer, Researcher and Entrepreneur with a passion for inventing new and innovative ways of digital manufacturing technologies. Expert in additive manufacturing (3D printing) of exotic materials. Also has vast experience in design and integration of complex hardware-software systems. E-mail:  

Sami Peltola

Specialties: Technology & innovation leadership, people leadership, supplier management, media (media processors, cameras, audio, graphic, games and HW&SW development) technologies, broadcasting, social media. E-mail:  

Tommi Teronen

Co Founder E-mail:

Claus Steinau

International Sales & Marketing T & F + 43 1 947 59 06 E  

Felix Zabel

Several years experience as a managing partner of a tech company and experienced team leader, working together with clients and partners on an international top level. Also background in the creative industries in France, Austria and the Netherlands. Education and studies in industrial design, business and natural resource management. Initiator and researcher of a civil… Read more »

Paul Brettschuh

Paul  has several years experience as CEO of a tech company and the R&D sector. Before he was engaged in building a business unit in Shanghai China as a manager for an Austrian logistic company, as well as being responsible for the business development of the russian market. He speaks fluent Russian and English. He… Read more »

Medina Deliahmedova

Medina is a Constructive Architect/Engineer, who graduated from the LTH MSc course Energy-Efficient & Environmental Building Design (EEBD). She specializes in Dynamic Thermal Modelling and Indoor Climate and has a strong interest in the impact of envelope design on building quality and occupant well-being. She also gives a lecture on Thermal Comfort at the MSc course in LTH. Email:… Read more »

Harris Poirazis

I am the CEO and founder of Inform Design, a consulting practice that focuses on building envelopes, building physics and indoor climate. Our focus is to assist architectural design supporting it with advanced technical knowledge and to ensure high quality buildings at reasonable fees. Following my academic studies (MSc in environmental engineering, DUTH, Greece and… Read more »

Rick Orlando

Phone: +1-408-499-8455 E-mail:

Amir Bayati

Career Goal: Develop differentiated and disruptive technologies to meet challenging and new technology requirements and create highly competitive and profitable products Value Offered: • Innovation: Innovative leader with 80+ patents and 50+ papers published. • New product development: developed process tools for the semiconductor and solar industries • Joint development: led developments with key customers/vendors… Read more »

Ilmari Huttu-Hiltunen

Founder and CEO Director and Producer Experienced speaker and presenter and can give presentations about storytelling in cinematic virtual reality and 360 video technology. Ilmari is also teaching 360 video production and we have a possibility to customize a teaching session for your needs. +358 44 017 1711 Home

Boris Krassi

CEO & co-founder of Delta Cygni Labs, developing an augmented reality visual communication solutions for industry. Before starting own business gained 10+ years of experience in implementing and managing European and national R&D projects at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University). Ph.D. in computer science. IPMA-C certified project… Read more »

Pekka Makkonen

E-mail Phone +358 50 523 9481

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Founder and lead architect of AKKA, Stephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary architects, who operate beyond the nowadays restrained realm of architecture. After 5 years practicing at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), Stephanie founded AKKA, to bring to life her vision of Architecting Interaction, where she explores how to create… Read more »

Sameer Kumar

Sameer Kumar is the Director of Enclosure Design at SHoP. He is a registered architect and a LEED accredited professional, as well as a member of the AIA. Sameer has been involved as a mentor and expert in every project at the firm, offering his experienced guidance in design, development and execution of the building… Read more »

Alexey Zorov

VC & PE – Entrepreneur

Dan Slotcavage

Graduate Research Assistant E-mail: Phone: +1 717 951 0104  

Hans Kull (CEO / President / MD)

Hans Kull is of Swiss origin and has over 46 years of extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing industries. He started his career as an electro-mechanic apprentice and after further studies now holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and a Masters and PhD degree in Mathematics. About

Juho Liljeroos, MSc (Vice President / Director)

Juho is a sales professional with strong experience from productization and business development. His duties combine development of international business, company offering, sales and marketing. His recipe to success is continuous learning, interdisciplinary background, hard work, and daydreamers mindset.

Advenira Enterprises Inc

Advenira GPD Conference presentation Advenira Enterprises, Inc. is a California-based company located in the heart of Silicon Valley known for its novel Solution Derived Nanocomposite SDN® Technology Platform and unique liquid-based Coatings. SDN® Coating Technology Platform opens disruptive Opportunities for Glass Fabricators and Processors –  creates differentiation factors, improves operating margin and delivers value-added products… Read more »

Rama Sreenivasan

Rama is a daredevil, a people person and a scientist (MIT, Applied Materials) all rolled into one. He loves getting technical, but also tremendously enjoys empathizing with the customer through simple, clear communication, something he considers his forte. Nothing brings him more joy than getting his hands dirty to solve anyone’s pain point. When not… Read more »

Jeff Horowitz (Director of Business Development )

Versatile business professional with a Masters Degree in International Management/Economics and expertise in solar energy finance and project development. Long-term career goals committed to the advancement and growth of distributed and utility-scale solar energy systems. Proven self-starter with high levels of competence in addressing industry challenges associated with energy and environmental issues. Demonstrated experience with… Read more »

Bruno Caputo M.S (R&D Engineer III)

Bruno received his BS in Physics from James Madison University and an MS in Materials Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UCSB, he focused on device fabrication and characterization of organic solar cells using both polymer and small molecules. At NEXT, his research focus is on fabricating small molecule OPV devices printed… Read more »

Andres Garcia, Ph.D. (Sr. Scientist)

Prior to NEXT, Andres was a postdoctoral researcher at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory investigating the application of transition metal oxides in organic solar cells. He received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where his work focused on charge transport and organic… Read more »

Matthew Lloyd Ph.D. (Dir. Lifetime)

Matthew obtained his Ph.D. from the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University where his research included seminal work on soluble small molecules for organic photovoltaics. He served as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Sandia National Labs. Prior to coming to NEXT, he was a Staff Scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)… Read more »

Corey Hoven Ph.D (CTO)

Corey received his Ph.D. from the Department of Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He also received the Graduate Program in Management Practice Certificate, from the Technology Management Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He earned a B.S. in Physics and a B.S. in Anthropology in 2005, focusing on renewable energy… Read more »

Daniel Emmett (CEO)

Daniel has spent over 20 years working at the intersection of energy and the environment, with a focus on solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Daniel led a portfolio-wide energy efficiency and conservation program for one of Southern California’s largest owner/operators of commercial office buildings. He also worked in Indonesia… Read more »

Seppo Vuori

Visual signal processing, system design, embedded technologies, computer architectures.

Katri Tulokas

Osaamisalueet: jälleenmyynti jälleenmyyntiverkoston rakentaminen ja ylläpito BtoB ja BtoC-myynti myynnin kehittäminen myyntistrategiat kouluttaminen asiakastutkimukset (lue lisää) sponsorointi työnantajabrändi markkinointi markkinointistrategiat liiketoiminnan kehittäminen Yhteystiedot: katri.tulokas (at) / 044 206 4405 / Klaria Group

Timo Manninen

Senior Project Manager at Powervision Robot Inc, +358 50 487 6766   15+ years experience of project work in very front line of research & development and product creation for consumers in international environment with successful track record on Project Management and Team Leadership with technical responsibilities ⇒    

Tomi Keiski

Osaamisalueet: markkinoinnin strateginen suunnittelu markkinoinnin suunnittelu sisällöntuotanto BtoB myynnillistäminen asiakaslähtöisyys Toiminut aiemmin yli 10 vuotta mainostoimistoalan yrittäjänä Jyväskylän seudulla. Kokemusta mm. kansainvälisille markkinoille tähdänneen BtoB-yrityksen markkinoinnin strategista suunnittelusta, sisältöjen toteuttamisesta ja projektien organisoinnista sekä videotuotannoista ja startupeista. LinkedIn: Yhteystiedot: tomi.keiski (a) / 040 489 0090 tai tomi (at)  

Anu Salovaara

Sakari Paloviita

Role in Jokisen Eväät: Business person Background Software product business professional grown up in corporate and startup environments. Value Gets excited about growth. Enjoys helping people in growth. People growth contributes to company growth. Helps companies in growth by solving their business challenges. Gets rewarded by learning from the cases and gains confidence with proven ability… Read more »

Riitta Kerminen

Role: Technology Key competences Data cleanup for different data types Machine learning: regression and classification, supervised and unsupervised Analysis of data, visualization and documentation Algorithm development for data surveillance and analysis Contact details

Marja Niska

Role: User’s friend My background: Sc. in Engineering, majoring in telecom. 25+ yr experience: HW design, verification, testing, type approvals, quality, supplier and subcontractor management, test development, verification capability ramp up, project management, Far East experience. Six Sigma Green Belt in 2013. Recent studies (2016) of total 20 ECTS: Physiology and biomedical engineering; 3D printing… Read more »

Jouni Myllymäki

I work in Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea as a senior business advisor in the Renewing industry team. In Tredea we have indicated that hackathons are one part of the process than can create new business and new innovations for different kind of industries. If you have any questions regarding the hackathons, don’t hesitate… Read more »

Katja Koponen

I work in Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea as a senior business advisor in the Renewing industry team and my resposibility area is digitalization of demanging manufacturing and machine building industry. In Tredea we have indicated that hackathons are one part of the process than can create new business and new innovations for different… Read more »