TactoTek creates injection-molded structural electronics that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. With its patented and patent pending technology, TactoTek enables differentiating and cost-effective designs with highly scalable production processes. Because TactoTek encapsulates electronics and circuitry in injection-molded plastics, the resulting products are inherently durable and protected from… Read more »

Link Motion

SECURE CONNECTED CARPUTERS Link Motion is about simplifying. Through simplifying we find ways to change and make things better. We believe the future is the software defined car. We utilize a process we call software-driven hardware design to get the most out of hardware. We design our software and hardware together to be secure. We make… Read more »


FORCIOT® is a Finnish technology company that was born in December 2015 out of love for engineering challenges and sports. Group of leading wearable researchers from Tampere University of Technology and consumer electronics experts agreed to put their heart and passion into developing together unique innovation that would start a new era in wearable business. OUR… Read more »


Radientum provides antenna design and integration, simulation, testing and consultancy services. You have the product, we have the skills and tools. We help companies of all sizes to develop their own customized antenna solutions for wireless systems. Our engineers will design compact antennas for example NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, WLAN, GNSS, LTE, UWB, LoRa, Sigfox and… Read more »

Unseen Technologies

THE FASTEST IN AGILE EXPERIMENTS We’re experts in turning your ideas to reality. We help you from the first sketch to global mass markets. Get the first proof-of-concept just in one week Solution to your tech problem in one week www.unseen.fi